A great pilates workout that works your total core.

What to expect

In this workout you’ll be starting out with some great stretches before you move into kneeled exercises. Bird dogs and bear holds are alternated with quick Childs poses and downward dogs. After this it’s time for more hard work, in the shape of crunches, leg extensions and the likes. You’ll finish with some great plank variations, both regular and side planks.

My view

All the exercises in this workout combined will get you to work your full core and probably some soreness tomorrow. I love the Move with Nicole workouts because she combines so many exercises with a soothing voice and lovely music. This is a pretty tough workout but your muscles will absolutely get stronger by doing it.

+ 20 minutes
+ total core
+ pilates
+ female trainer
+ with music
+ no timer
+ intermediate/advanced
+ no equipment


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