Build muscle & strength in your upper body with this quick and fiery workout by Juice & Toya

What to expect

If you’re looking to build strength, muscle, or overall endurance in your upper body, this workout will help you do just that. In this video Juice & Toya break down the workout into sets of shoulders, back/biceps, and chest/triceps.

You’ll be working through exercises like military presses, lateral raises, wide rows, chest presses and so on. Pretty versatile but mostly very effective.

My view

All of the exercises in this workout video are designed for moderate to heavy resistance. So grab a pair of dumbbells that are heavy enough to challenge yourself with each movement that you do. But always be sure to watch your form!

Although with lighter weights, this would be a fine workout for beginners: I would advice beginners to try workouts that are narrated completely. Just so you know what to watch out for, how to do the exercises correctly and so on. If you are intermediate or advanced, this is a great workout to do!

+ 20 minutes
+ upper body
+ with dumbells
+ female & male trainer
+ with music
+ non talking
+ with timer
+ with previews
+ no warmup or cool down

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