This is a really quick practice that focussus on upper body strength. Of course Adriene will start with a nice and easy warmup (especially for the wrists) before she takes you through a few upper body exercises.

What to expect: push-ups (from the knee if needed), plank shoulder taps, side planks and an extensive cooling down. The exercises only take a few minutes so if you want you can return to those at the end of the set and repeat it 1-3 times for a full workout.

My view: If you just want to safely move your body and get stronger with push-ups and planks, without forcing anything: this is a great workout for you. Adriene talks you through it all (what should you be feeling and where should you feel this) and presents you with many modifications if the exercise is too hard or not hard enough.

+ Less than 15 minutes
+ Including warming-up and cooling-down
+ Yoga inspired upper body strength
+ No equipment needed
+ Modifications
+ Follow along
+ Beginner/Intermediate level

– The actual work is only for a few minutes so you can decide for yourself if this is enough or if you want to go back and repeat the exercises a few times.


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