I wasn’t familiar with ‘walking workouts’ before I started this platform. And every time I encounter one I am still in awe of what you can do without jumping, hopping and skipping.

What to expect

Well, yes it is a walking workout, but you’ll be doing much more than just walking! Step touches, marching and even a few dance moves. And if the step count that is shown throughout the whole workout isn’t motivation enough, trainer Rick will be! He is fun, energetic and enthusiastic. And he talks you through the whole thing. What more do you need?

My view

This workout can be a great way for you to get into shape or loose weight by doing low impact cardio, a way to reach your daily step goal (this one alone will get you up to 3000) or just a fun way to move your body without disturbing your neighbors, sleeping baby, delicate knees.. The reasons to do this workout are pretty much endless! Enjoy!

+ 24 minutes
+ walking workout
+ low impact cardio / no jumping
+ male trainer
+ with a timer
+ with previews
+ no warmup or cool down is needed
+ with a step count
+ with music
+ follow along
+ no equipment


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