This is my second Pilates workout review for Move With Nicole and I am really a big fan. This workout is pretty core focussed, which I love, but also spends some time on the arms and legs. So after these 25 minutes you’ve gotten a complete workout in.

What to expect

This is a great workout wether you are new to pilates or in the mood to slow things down a bit. It’s a no equipment workout (which means you’ll only need a mat) and you can just follow along with Nicole and do what she does. As I said, the workout is pretty core based (mostly lying down) which will set some real fire to your abs! But it’s a full body workout that also includes some of my favorite lower body work.

My view

This 25 minutes beginner pilates workout is great for anyone that is new to Pilates (or working out in general) because Nicole gives many cues during the workout. So listen carefully, you can learn a lot. And not only when you are a newbie.

+ 25 minutes
+ pilates workout
+ female trainer
+ no equipment
+ bodyweight strength
+ with music
+ all fitness levels
+ with a warmup and a cool down


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