This workout is great for the intermediate and advanced home workout fans out there. The exercises in these 25 minutes are tough and challenging, but will have you feel amazing afterwards.

What to expect

A diversity of core exercises, some are high paced, while others are isometric. This combined with the ‘working blocks’ that this workout is made up out of, will make the 25 minutes go by pretty fast. It’s five blocks of five minute rounds and each round focuses on setting fire to other parts of your abs.

My view

This core workout is great but also a little crazy. So if you already know that core strength is not your strong point, maybe wait a bit before starting this one. I am only saying that because I am afraid that you might compensate the wrong way (with your back or neck) trying to keep up with the trainer. Be careful! Listen to your body. I eventually put my hands behind my head in stead of stretched out, so I could finish the workout (and was still very sore for two days, especially in my obliques). 

But in the end this is a quick and fun workout that will set all of your abdominal muscles on fire! And not just today..

+ 25 minutes
+ core workout
+ intermediate & advanced
+ follow along
+ with music
+ with a timer
+ female trainer
+ bodyweight strength
+ no equipment


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