So, as you may know I am not a huge fan of workouts where the trainer doesn’t talk. Although I know you might sometimes prefer a quiet workout where you can focus on yourself, working out from home without a trainer looking at or talking to you can be dangerous for your posture. But that said, I love this workout too much not to post it. It is very rep-based, so you are doing 50 reps of every exercise. This makes the workout really clean and easy to follow. So that is why I think it is a great one to make an exception for.

What to expect: I guess I already gave the core of this workout (ha ha) away: 10 exercises with all 50 reps. There are some small exceptions which are all explained at the beginning of the workout. So don’t fast forward through the intro.

My view: The exercises are pretty (really!) tough, and you really need to watch yourself. Like: with the laying down exercises please make sure your back stays firmly on the floor. This combined with the ‘no talking’ aspect makes me give this workout the advanced label. Other than that: enjoy the fire!

Mind yourself: there is no warmup included in these 25 minutes so please do so yourself.

+ 25 minutes
+ core workout
+ advanced
+ follow along
+ no warmup but with cool down
+ no talking
+ female trainer
+ bodyweight workout
+ no equipment
+ with music
+ with a timer
+ with previews


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