Today I lost my heart on the dance floor (I.e. the floor of my living room, while trying out this workout at home).

Do you hate working out? Please try this. Are you in a bad mood? Please, please try this. This is not your regular workout. There is also no talking. There is just music and moving your body.

It’s a 25 minute dance party. And you deserve it.

What to expect: if you havent done any dance classes before and you are not really a natural, sure, this might feel a bit uncomfortable at the beginning. Will you miss some steps? Probably. Will you be smiling the whole time? Definitely. I want to ask you to keep going and just enjoy yourself. As long as you keep moving for the 25 minutes, wave those arms, do those jumping jacks, enjoy the salsa (yes, salsa) and enjoy yourself! There is no downside. Nobody is watching.

My view: do this workout.

+ 25 minutes
+ Dance cardio
+ With warmup and cool down
+ No equipment
+ Follow along
+ All fitness levels


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