During this 25 minute workout you will get your heart rate up and strengthen your body. This is a safe workout to do during your and a very effective way to feel good during those 9 months.

My view: I really like this workout. It’s got squats, lunges and even some push-ups (you do need to grab chair for that one!). Trainer Amy gives multiple options to make sure you are being safe and only do what feels good for your body. So listen carefully during this workout. “If it feels like too much and you need a break, take it.”

What to expect: This 25 minute prenatal workout uses only bodyweight moves to get your heart rate up and tone and strengthen your body, all in a safe and effective way during your pregnancy. This workout can be done in any trimester: 1st, 2nd or 3rd. There are options for all fitness levels given.

+ 25 minutes
+ Prenatal workout
+ Full body
+ Bodyweight workout
+ No equipment but have your chair handy
+ Follow along
+ Female trainer
+ With music
+ All trimesters
+ All fitness levels

Disclaimer: I have been working as a pregnancy and postpartum fitness trainer for 5 years and I approve this workout. If there is anything that I would change about a video I probably wouldn’t post it or I would tell you about it in the text above.
Nevertheless it is very important to always listen to your body: does this workout feel right? Or am I doing too much? Then please stop. It is always the right choice to talk about working out during your pregnancy and after delivery with your physician. Especially when you don’t work with a trainer 1-1.

Be safe!


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