A full body, low impact prenatal workout that will put a burn into all your muscles.

What to expect

If you have some weights handy, it’s good to grab them before you start, because trainer Larie from FIT by Larie uses them in this workout. You can also follow along without them though. Or use two small water bottles (preferably with water haha) or even two cans of soda. 

The workout is completely low impact, so you don’t have to jump. This is great, especially if you are experiencing some pelvic floor issues.

My view

This is over-all a great workout for all fitness levels and all trimesters. Although you will probably be able to move better and have a bigger range of motion in your 1st or 2nd. But you can adapt your speed, weight and range of your movements once you get further along.

If you do use the weights, don’t go too heavy. Some of the exercises, like the row, can be a bit much on the core muscles during pregnancy. Especially when you use heavier weights. So be careful there!

+ 25 minutes
+ Prenatal workout
+ Full body
+ Low impact (no jumping)
+ Female trainer
+ With music
+ You can use dumbbells (or water bottles) and a mat
+ Follow along
+ All fitness levels

Disclaimer: I have been working as a pregnancy and postpartum fitness trainer for 5 years and I approve this workout. If there is anything that I would change about a video I probably wouldn’t post it or I would tell you about it in the text above.
Nevertheless it is very important to always listen to your body: does this workout feel right? Or am I doing too much? Then please stop. It is always the right choice to talk about working out during your pregnancy and after delivery with your physician. Especially when you don’t work with a trainer 1-1.

Be safe!


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