FitnessBlender workouts are always so calm and clean when you first look at them. But the amount of info that you are given during this workout and the amount of exercises you’ll be doing is astonishing to me. Love, love, love it.

What to expect

There is no music, no cool background, no flashy intro. On the other hand there are some amazing exercises (oh my god, the fatigue from those press extensions came out of nowhere), all of which are explained so carefully and are so well demonstrated, that I can only say please do this workout. It is not only good for your body, but it will help you understand why you do these exercises as well.

My view

The trainer pretty much starts out with a little slip of the tongue as too wether she has 5 or 10 seconds left in the exercise and she has to redo her bun.. Thank God! This workout would be way too clean without these humanizing aspects. It makes me love it even more. So even though this is in no way a ‘flashy’ workout, please indulge me and try this one out. It’s no equipment, no music, no nonsense, no reason not to do it!

This video is mostly perfect for intermediates but with all the modifications given, you can definitely enjoy this when you are a beginner or when you are advanced as well.

The only thing that is missing is a proper cool down. So maybe you should add this one instead.

+ 25 minutes
+ upper body and core
+ no equipment
+ follow along
+ no music
+ with timer
+ with previews
+ female trainer
+ with warmup, no cool down
+ intermediate & advanced


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