This workout by SELF is great to get your blood flowing ánd get some targeted ab work in as well. It’s a quick one: only 30 minutes including a warm-up and cooling down. Doesn’t mean it’s easy though!

The exercises aren’t the hardest if you look at them separately (although the Triple Climber, a variation of multiple mountain climber exercises all in one surprised me), but they follow each other pretty rapidly and the cardio circuit at the end is an interesting one (yes there will be burpees AND regular mountain climbers!).

What to expect: In this video you will get some extended periods of rest (60 seconds!!) and during this time some ‘tips’ will be provided for the next round. This, combined with all the tips and cues that the trainer gives you during the workout, makes it a great workout for beginners as well. She also talks about modifications you can take if a specific exercise a bit too hard for you, which makes me very happy.

My view: I really like this workout. As I said, the exercises aren’t especially hard but you have to do many of them! So you will definitely work hard during these 30 minutes. The ab circuit they added is a really nice bonus to a great cardio workout.

+ 30 minutes
+ Including warmup and cooling down
+ Female trainer
+ With music
+ Follow along
+ Timer
+ Multiple circuits
+ No equipment needed
+ Ab workout
+ Cardio
+ Beginner and Intermediate level


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