When a workout starts with a jumping jack as a warmup, you know it’s on. Some modifications are given but not always at the start of the workout. Also, there is no modification for the forearm planks (like a high plank) and the ab-work is pretty tough. So if you don’t have many modifications handy on your own, this is not beginner workout.

What to expect: extended breaks (60 seconds is a pretty long time) help you keep up with the trainers during this workout. Some basic exercises like lunges are alternated with much more difficult tug ups (a crunch variation). You’ll work in multiple circuits so the exercises are repeated a few times.

My view: though I believe that every workout can be accompanied by modifications and this one doesn’t, it’s still a workout video that I really like. If you are on a more intermediate or experienced level and you want to add some quick bodyweight and cardio fire to your day, this is a great pick.

+ 30 minutes
+ Warmup and Cool down
+ Bodyweight training
+ Cardio
+ No equipment
+ Female trainer
+ Follow along
+ Intermediate and Advanced
+ Timer
+ Music

– Almost no modifications


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