This Pilates workout focuses on abs and glutes. You will be toning and sculpting and thinking ‘what the hell’ a lot during this 30 minute workout. All of the exercises, starting with the warmup, are fast paced and challenging (burn baby, burn!) but I promise that you’ll feel so great afterwards!

What to expect

The workout starts with some quick and fun lower body and core exercises (like squats, mountain climbers, lateral lunges) and continues with ab exercises that will have you sweating quickly. Then comes there booty work on the mat (like a single leg series) that I love to do myself. You’ll finish with a little core set at the end. 

During the whole workout, trainer Jake Dupree will give you many tips and they also appear on the screen. So you pretty much won’t even get a chance to do it wrong. 

I can be quick about the downside of this workout: they call it a bikini workout. And if I didn’t LOVE the exercises and energy (and Jake) I might have not even posted it! You don’t need to workout to get a bikini body. For that you only need to put on a bikini! That said.. Just enjoy! 

My view

Please do this workout! From the first second of the video it’s ON. Yes he calls it a warmup, but you can feel the work immediately. If you choose to do this one, you won’t be sorry. It’s 30 minutes well spent. And I mean, Jake Dupree is just so much fun. which makes it a little less hard! It really does.

+ 30 minutes
+ Core & glutes
+ Toning, sculpting
+ Cardio
+ With warmup and Cool down
+ No equipment
+ Male trainer
+ Follow along
+ With music
+ Intermediate and advanced


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