This Full body HIIT workout by Self is a quick, high energy at home workout. No equipment necessary so you can do this anywhere, anytime.
Although there is a lot of jumping involved so maybe that’s not entirely true if you have downstairs neighbors, but you get the idea!

What to expect: The workout is made up out of several circuits and you get a little break in between. Some exercises that you can expect in this video are: low jacks, lunges, squats, hip bridges, bear crawls, lunge jumps, push-ups, shoulder taps, mountain climbers, planks and bicycle crunches. Modifications are given so you can adapt the workout to your own level.

My view: I love this workout by SELF because it is high paced, high energy but not too crazy and the trainer is calm and positive but also a great motivator. This workout is very dynamic (lots of different exercises) and appropriate for all levels, because of the many modifications that are given throughout.

+ 30 minutes
+ Female trainer
+ Cardio and bodyweight strength
+ All fitness levels
+ No equipment (just a mat)
+ Multiple circuits


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