This is a great quick workout to get your cardio and weight lifting in for the day! I absolutely recommend this workout if you want to workout at home and have some dumbells at your disposal.

What to expect

The trainer, Joe, works through a series of workouts that are either bodyweight, cardio or done with weights. A mat is also recommended because some moves will be kneeled. The workout is built around three rounds, so you’ll be able to try everything out and then nail it in the second and third round.

My view

So, I have to admit that I have a bit of a soft spot for joe. But if you are a beginner (light weights!) or intermediate (medium weights), you want to workout from home and workout with your dumbells, I am sure that you will love this workout.

You can use the same weight dumbells for the whole thing, or have some different weights on hand to use during the different exercises.

There is no warmup provided, so please be ure to do this on your own before you start. You are also on your own with the cool down. But you can find some great stretch video’s here.

+ 30 minutes
+ Weight training
+ Three circuits
+ Cardio
+ Bodyweight training
+ Dumbell (light to medium weight)
+ No warmup or cool down
+ Male trainer
+ Follow along
+ Intermediate & Advanced


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