I am not going to lie to you. This is not an easy workout. You will probably not get all the moves right. You will probably almost fall over and you will probably be thinking: whaaaat? But if you like dance cardio.. I bet you will still love it!

What to expect: I got a tip from a friend to checkout workouts by Nicole Steen. She is a dance expert and will keep you moving (and the fire burning) the whole time. No reason to stand still when you can dance, right? And don’t worry, Tarra on her left side will show you some low impact modifications if you need them.

My view: I think dance cardio is never easy. It’s always fun though. And this video is no exception. The warmup is great, the dance is amazing and the cool down feels so good. Challenge yourself and try this out. And don’t feel bad if it’s hard. You’re not the only one that is struggling, believe me (and believe all the reviews), but you did try! And that’s what it is al about. Especially during dance cardio.

I think this workout is appropriate when you’re intermediate or advanced. But are you a beginner and do you want to try it out? By all means!

+ 30 minutes
+ Dance cardio
+ Latin
+ High paced, high intensity, high impact
+ Intermediate and advanced
+ With modifications
+ Follow along


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