When a workout video has ‘no equipment’ in the title, I am instantly happy. This workout by the well known Kayla Itsines is even better because it is not just a ‘no equipment’ workout, but also mat-sized. So you don’t need much space! Perfect for a home workout.

As we’re used to with Kayla, she is great at showing you all possible modifications when the moves get harder. So that’s another pro for this one: perfect for all fitness levels.

What to expect: From squats and jumping jacks to bicycle crunches.. It’s not an easy workout. But it can easily be adapted to your levels, by using the modifications. A warming up- and cooling down is included in the 30 minutes.

My view: I just love that you can get an amazing workout in, just using the space of your mat and no other equipment whatsoever. Kayla is an inspirational trainer. She is fast paced and this workout high intensity. But in 30 minutes you are done and probably feel pretty good about yourself!

+ 30 minutes
+ Female trainer
+ With music
+ Follow along
+ Modifications
+ Warmup and cool down
+ No equipment (just a mat)
+ Mat sized (perfect for small spaces)
+ All fitness levels

– The workout starts after 3 whole minutes of starting the video, so skip the first part to save yourself some time.


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