Crunches, burpees, skaters.. This workout will make you move!

It’s a 30 minute workout, including warming up and cooling down. So if you need something to get your energy up during your lunchbreak: this workout by SELF is the one for you!

Although this workout targets all your major muscles, your lower body and core will get the most work in during these 30 minutes.

Modifications are shown for multiple exercises, so you can adapt the workout to your level.

Overal view: This is a great little workout if you want to bring some extra energy into your day. You’ll work your entire body and get a great warming-up and cool down as well. It’s good for all levels, however I think that this will mostly appeal to beginners or lower level intermediates.

+ 30 minutes
+ no equpment (just a mat)
+ bodyweight strength
+ lower body
+ core
+ including warming-up and cooling down
+ modifications
+ beginner/lower level intermediate
+ perfect for during the workday

– would not advice this program if you are usually working out on a higher intermediate or advanced level. This 30 min workout might be more to your taste.


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