In this fast-paced 30-minute workout Jake Dupree leads you through a variety of exercises that are designed to strengthen your core and chisel your obliques.

This workout is part of my tone & sculpt workout plan for women: an 8 week home workout program that I have created with YouTube video’s, specifically designed for women to increase strength and tone & sculpt the muscles. If you want to know more about this plan, just click here.

What to expect

As always with workouts by Jake Dupree: this is tough! It is fast paced, it will challenge you, it will hurt. But it will also be a lot of fun. Working your abs & the obliques for 30 minutes is no joke! But for every move, an adjustment is given by the trainer on the left, so you can always take it down a notch. It is always better to try and complete the workout with modifications, when this means you aren’t stopping!

Expect many planks and crunch variations, but also some standing ab exercises.

My view

Yeah it’s tough, but it is such a wonderful workout. The warmup will get you heated up nicely and the cool-down feels wonderful. I would definitely advise any intermediate & advanced home workout enthusiast out there to try this workout! And then try it again next week, and the next.. Because you might not be able to keep your form throughout this whole workout at first. Try it again and get stronger, while you are working those abs & obliques!

+ 30 minutes
+ abs & obliques
+ male trainer
+ no equipment
+ with music
+ intermediate & advanced – beginner options are there, but it is still very hard!


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