I really love a pregnancy workout created by a pregnant trainer. You just know she is feeling the same things you are.

What to expect: this workout starts with a great 5 minute warmup that will already increase your heart rate and have you breathing faster. Trainer Lindsay will have you really working for it from moment one. All exercises during the 4 circuits are safe during pregnancy. Every circuit has 3 exercises that last 40 seconds in the first round, 30 seconds in the second and 20 seconds in the last round. You will be doing many squats, curls, presses, lunges, pushups, shoulder taps and many more. Never a dull moment!

My view: this is a great workout to do at home if you like working out with weights. You need two dumbbells and a chair to do this workout. It’s a great strength and cardio workout that will help you maintain your strength throughout pregnancy. This is an advanced workout and will definitely challenge you and is great for women who are used to working out a lot.

So if you want to do this workout, but you don’t have access to dumbells, you can always opt for two full water bottles, soda cans or other household items that are equal to each other in weight.

+ 30 minutes
+ advanced prenatal workout
+ full body
+ cardio & strength
+ with dumbells
+ with a chair
+ female trainer
+ with music
+ no timer


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