The exercises in this workout aren’t complicated and they do not involve jumping whatsoever. I love this workout as an Ultimate Beginner workout because the trainer takes the time to tell you to breathe when you need to, take a break when you need to and follow your own pace when you need to.

What to expect: so as I said this is a perfect low impact workout that will get your heart racing and your sweat dripping. Your own pace is the pace you need to follow and the trainer will remind you of that. As I said the exercises aren’t complicated so you can follow along and just focus on yourself.

My view: when you just start with working out, come back from an injury or come back to training after a long break: doing this video is great! And it is enough that you are committed to tryin this without having the feeling you are pushing yourself too far. So please try to complete this workout, but do it on your own pace. Listen to your body and stay safe.

+ 30 minutes
+ cardio
+ low impact/no jump
+ full body
+ male trainer
+ with music
+ follow along
+ no equipment (but you could use a dumbell)


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