This is a great workout if you:
– want to work on your complete core (including the lower back),
– want to know exactly what you are doing (get lots of information from your trainer)
– are not in the mood for distraction

What to expect

This workout video is one of the cleanest videos that I have seen (and I have seen many, as you might guess). This workout starts with a great extended warmup and then gets into the work. All these exercises together target the complete core (front, obliques and lower back) with planks, reversed planks, toe touches, side planks, hip dips, rotations, etc. Pretty much all core exercises that you can imagine.

What I really love here, is the extensive amount of information that the trainer provides during this workout. You will know exactly what you are doing, why you are doing it and what you have to pay special attention to during the workout, so you get the most out of it.

During this workout, Fitness Blender also uses weights. You don’t need to though, you can also do it without them.

My view

For beginners, this workout is amazing to do without those weights. Not just because of the exercises. Also because there are no distractions and you will learn a lot about core exercises, what you should be feeling and how you should carry them out. When you are (a bit more) advanced and you’ve done these types of exercises before, you can start to add some weight.

Still, this is a pretty tough workout. Some exercises, like the back bow/superman, are really hard and not suitable for ultimate beginners.

+ 30 minutes
+ core workout
+ male trainer
+ with previews
+ with a timer
+ with dumbells or without equipment
+ no music
+ follow along
+ including warmup and cool down
+ all fitness levels (beginner: without weights)


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