Are you in the mood for some dance cardio but you also kind of want to take it to the next level? Well, I’ve got the video for you! This is a dance cardio HIIT combination and it’s on fire!

What to expect: the warmup is helping you get ready for the workout by showing you low impact, low intensity versions of moves that are going to come up later. While I deem most dance cardio workouts appropriate for all fitness levels, I would say this is more of an intermediate video.

My view: Haven’t done many dance cardio classes before? Maybe try some other classes first before you start with this one. Maybe one by Pamela Reid or MadFit (check them all out here). Those video’s are a little less intense, so you can get used to this type of class first. Then come back to kill this one!

So yes, this workout is fun. But the moves can go a bit fast and when they add a lunge jump and burpee sequence just because they can, you know it’s on. So, you still want to press play? Do it! Enjoy it! Like trainer Breann Mitchell says after the warmup: “there is zero way you can do this wrong. Have fun with it and make it your own.” And that is what dance cardio is all about.

+ 30 minutes
+ Dance cardio
+ High intensity and high impact
+ Intermediate and advanced
+ With modifications
+ Follow along


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