When the trainer, or in this case the dance instructor, embodies true love for what he does, it really makes you enjoy the workout so much more. This is what happens to me whenever I follow along with Tanju from Fitseveneleven. This man looks like he (and I believe he really does) loves what he is doing with every fiber of his being. And that makes me love his workouts all the more!

What to expect

Tanju’s dance routines are never really easy, but since they are so much fun I suggest you save this workout and do it a couple of times. After 2, 3 or maybe 5 times you have the routine memorized and while with other workouts you might get bored, this gets even more fun once you master it!

My view

If you like dance cardio, if you’ve never done dance cardio, if you are in a bad mood or just not looking forward to a workout, take 30 minutes out of your day to do this and I am sure that you’ll feel completely different.

+ 30 minutes
+ Dance cardio
+ With warmup and cool down
+ No equipment
+ Follow along
+ All fitness levels


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