Get ready to burnout your muscles!

What to expect

This a non talking full body HIIT workout with dumbells – and it really has everything: air squats, goblet squats, crunches, pushups, rows.. Alternating between bodyweight and dumbells: you will be burning out your muscles for sure! It’s only 30 minutes, but you’ll need to provide your own warmup. The cool down is included.

My view

This will definitely be a challenge! But you can make it your own, by choosing a weight that will be challenging for you. Go heavier if you want to work on your muscle mass, go lighter if you are just starting out – or if you want to go a bit faster today. Whatever you choose, you will be in for a tough workout today. But it’s fun and quick. So I definitely recommend doing this one!

+ 30 minutes
+ full body HIIT
+ with dumbells
+ no talking
+ intermediate & advanced – depending on the weight
+ with music
+ no warmup, but with a cool down

This workout is part of my build muscle workout plan for men & the sculpt & tone strength workout plan for women: 8 week home workout programs, that I have created with only the very best YouTube video’s. If you want to know more about these plans, just click here.


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