Challenging but nothing too crazy: a wonderful full body workout by one of my favourite trainers.

What to expect

Join Betina Gozo through a series of exercises including tempo squats, single-leg deadlifts, and skaters. You’ll start with a strength circuit (two rounds) that is all about the reps, followed by a time-based set that you’ll be doing three times! After this workout, you’ll feel strong, sculpted, and just the right amount of sore.

My view

This workout includes circuits to work every muscle. It is not too hot and heavy, but those lunge jumps get me every time. Remember that with this workout, just like any other Popsugar workout, you can completely make it your own by using the modifications. Grab a pair of light hot medium weights, anywhere from 8 to 20 pounds (3-9KG), and enjoy the challenge!

+ 30 minutes
+ full body
+ with dumbells
+ female trainer
+ with music
+ for all fitness levels
+ including warmup and cool down

This workout is part of my Sculpt & tone strength workout plan for women: an 8 week home workout program, that I have created specifically for women, using only the very best YouTube video’s. If you want to know more about my home workout plans (with and without dumbells), just click here.


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