Get ready to work your whole body in this wonderful cardio & toning workout

What to expect

After a quick warmup and dynamic stretch, it is time to work your muscles. First off is a ‘standing series’ where you’ll be doing lateral lunges, kicks, burpees, squat pulses and standing crunch variations. After this high impact and high intensity part of the workout, it is time for my favorite exercises on the mat: the floor series. Get ready for plank and push-up variations, Supermans, tricep dips, hip bridges and much more. You never knew you could do so much in 30 minutes. Luckily there is a great cool down waiting for you at the end.

My view

This is a tough but fun workout that combines some pretty intense cardio exercises with easier ones, standing exercises and mat-work. It is very versatile and effective, without the need for any equipment. And only 30 minutes.

+ 30 minutes
+ full body
+ cardio & toning
+ high intensity
+ high impact
+ female trainer
+ with music
+ no equipment
+ intermediate & advanced


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