Want to kick your own butt for 30 minutes? Don’t have any equipment? In need for some positive energy? Well, then this video by fitness and dance-expert Nicole Steen is the right fit for you today.

What to expect

As always there will be some modifications shown by the other women in the video. Still, this will be a great workout to break a sweat and work on all your muscles. For example: there is a one minute burpee section in the middle, where you can choose your own speed and if you want to jump or step out. Be aware that you want the cardio part to be high intensity! So even if you step out, it’s your own responsibility to make sure you get your heart rate up.

My view

I think this workout is great because you really target all your muscles, and the cardio sections add great diversity. The exercises don’t all look too hard (like wide squat pulsing) but you will feel the burn! There are many modifications given, so this is really a workout for all levels. This workout proves that you don’t always have to work for 60 minutes to get a great workout in.

+ 30 minutes
+ Cardio
+ Female trainer
+ With warmup and Cool down
+ Intermediate & Advanced
+ Toning
+ Bodyweight strength
+ No equipment (only a mat)
+ Modifications
+ Full body


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