As is the case with all dance cardio workouts, this is not easy. You will not get it all right, at least not the first time, and that is OK. That is great! Because that means you can do it again and feel even better about yourself after that time! And if it takes you three tries? That is fine as well. Just keep smiling and enjoy!

What to expect

Trainer Nicole will keep you moving from the first second salsa all the way to the last few high intensity shakes and turns. Take the modifications of the trainer on the right if you don’t feel like or cant take part in the jumping. This video takes you through many many moves: from salsa to hip-hop and merengue.

My view

If you’ve tried it before, you know that dance cardio is never easy. But you can always have fun! Keep smiling and don’t be too hard on yourself. Enjoy the great music, the energy of the trainers and say goodbye to many many calories.

I think this workout is appropriate when you’re intermediate or advanced. But are you a beginner and do you want to try it out? By all means!

+ 30 minutes
+ Dance cardio
+ Latin
+ High paced, high intensity, high impact
+ Intermediate and advanced
+ With modifications for beginners
+ No equipment
+ Follow along


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