This workout has got it all. It is so versatile. Bodyweight exercises, weighted exercises, jumping, single leg work and more. And all of that in just 30 minutes. With a warmup and a cool down. It’s really great.

What to expect

In this leg day strength workout you will do a series of lower body exercises that will help you build strength, power and create definition. So if you are more advcanced: pick weights that challenge you. Intermediate? Try having some different weights available so you can alternate. Beginner? Maybe start without weights and add on as you go.

There are some cardio bursts in here as well, so your heart rate will go up too. This way you’ll burn calories and work on growing your muscles. Great!

You can expect two circuits in which you’ll work for 45 seconds and have a 15 second rest. You’ll do this for two rounds each.

My view

This is a very multi-dimensional workout. Working with and without dumbells, adding some high intensity with the jumps and also single leg and static exercises. This makes me really happy and I am sure that you will feel this video is a great addition to your workout routine.

+ 30 minutes
+ strength training
+ intermediate/advanced
+ with dumbells
+ beginner option: no dumbells
+ female trainer
+ with warmup
+ with cool down
+ no talking
+ with music
+ with timer
+ with previews
+ follow along


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