So whenever I check-out a workout by Amy, somehow she makes me feel like this isn’t going to be too hard. She is just so lovely! And not intimidating at all. Then I read: ‘low impact’ and I am like: ‘yeah, okay, this is probably going to be a nice and easy little workout’. So, I was wrong.

What to expect: this low impact workout is amazing because of all the modifications. It’s low impact but if you are feeling yourself there are some jumping options. All floor exercises that are plank variations are shown from the knees, from the feet or an in-between option. Let’s just say that everything is possible and no, it’s not little and it’s not easy.

My view: this workout is great for beginners and intermediates alike. The setup is pretty cool. Amy alternates between strength and endurance exercises during the six mini circuits. The workout will not be easy but you will enjoy it, I promise!

Take the modifications when you need them. This goes for everybody but even makes it possible to workout with this video during and after pregnancy (PPR). Just listen very carefully to her recommendations. And when you are pregnant past 16 weeks, please do not plank!

+ 30 minutes
+ Bodyweight strength HIIT
+ Low impact
+ Full body
+ No equipment
+ Also prenatal and postpartum with modifications
+ All fitness levels
+ Female trainer
+ With music
+ Follow along
+ With timer

Disclaimer: I have been working as a pregnancy and postpartum fitness trainer for 5 years and I approve this workout. If there is anything that I would change about a video I probably wouldn’t post it or I would tell you about it in the text above.
Nevertheless it is very important to always listen to your body: does this workout feel right? Or am I doing too much? Then please stop. It is always the right choice to talk about working out during your pregnancy and after delivery with your physician. Especially when you don’t work with a trainer 1-1.

Be safe!


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