Wow I love love love this workout! This is the first review of Move With Nicole‘s workouts and I am so happy I found her.

What to expect: Nicole takes you by the hand and guides you though this follow along workout (with a voice-over) filled with amazing exercises. Now, I am not doing them exactly the same way she is (that is a great goal to have by the way) but I am definitely feeling the Pilates vibes during this workout. It is a full body ‘HIIT’ but don’t be scared off: there is no jumping. Only a little jog, but if you make sure you don’t lift your knees too high/bring your feet up too high, you can still see this as a no-jump workout. Don’t think you won’t sweat, though!

My view: I think that you can already guess my view on this workout. I love it. It’s just great. I love the way Nicole makes you move all your muscles and the diversity of the exercises. There is a warmup and cool down included, so in 30 minutes you are completely done and will feel very satisfied.

Don’t forget to take the modifications when you need to!

+ 30 minutes
+ female trainer
+ follow along
+ with modifications
+ with a timer
+ no jump
+ low impact/apartment friendly
+ intermediate and advanced
+ no equipment


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