What to expect

This is a full body workout that will definitely kick your ass, without having to lift both feet up from the ground at the same time. You will work up and down, lateral, squat reaches, lifts, kicks, planks, crunches. It’s all there. Tere are many breaks to catch your breath, and you’ll need them. Along with the no-jumping, there is also no talking in this workout. So be mindful of the trainer, what she does and how she does it. Check your form!

My view

I am a sucker for ambiance, and this workout is really working for me. I love the colors, the typography and yes I even love the workout itself. We wouldn’t be here otherwise, of course. This is a great intermediate to advanced workout, that will feel very satisfying (and sweaty), while your neighbours will have no idea.

+ 30 minutes
+ Interediate/Advanced
+ No jump/apartment friendly
+ Low impact full body
+ With music
+ No talking
+ Female trainer
+ Follow along
+ Without warmup or cool down
+ With timer
+ No equipment


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