I’ve reviewed many no jump workouts and this is another great one that shows how you can get a great workout in without any jumping. Great for the joints and amazing to do during* and post-pregnancy as well.

What to expect

20 second bursts of cardio exercises. 4 exercises in a row with a rest in between. This means no rest in between the other exercises. The body project calls this turbo 20. You can set your own pace, but go as fast as you can. There is cardio, core, lower body strength.. It’s a lot and it will get you very sweaty. Love it!

My view

A quick warmup gets you ready to work on full speed during the turbo sets. All safe for your joints or if you have any other reason why you don’t want to jump (your neighbors for example) because there is not a single jump in this workout.

+ 30 seconds
+ full body cardio
+ no equipment
+ male trainer
+ low impact
+ no jump/apartment friendly
+ high intensity
+ with a timer
+ beginner and intermediate
+ with a warmup and cool down

*if you do this workout during pregnancy, make sure you don’t have any pelvic floor issues (check with your physician if you aren’t sure). This is important because you will be working on isolated sides of your body, especially during the core workout, which can be a bit o a strain. So if you have these issues, you can still do this workout but to be safe just switch sides continuously in stead of doing one side for 20 seconds and the other side for the next 20 seconds.


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