Classic moves that help you strengthen your lower body muscles without equipment. Love it!

What to expect

You can expect 30 minutes of lower-body strength exercises, starting with a warm up routine. Expect everything from burpees to squats. Of course, variations are given (as always by SWEAT) so you can increase the effectivity or make the exercise more suitable for you and your body.

The clock on each exercise is 30 seconds, each following the other in a quick pace before you get a 45 second rest and then it is on to the next round. Many squats, (sumo, pulse and jumps) will work your legs and glutes.

My view

I like to do a workout that covers all the basics once in a while. And this is a good thing for all fitness levels. The modifications that are shown all the way through this video complement this, because this makes it possible for you to kick it up a notch or take it down a bit. Whatever is best for you today.

This video also contains a warmup & cool down so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

+ 30 minutes
+ lower body
+ strength
+ no equipment
+ follow along
+ with music
+ with timer
+ with previews (before the round starts)
+ including warmup and cool down
+ great for beginners but suitable for all fitness levels
+ female trainer


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