Anna Victoria takes you through a killer 30 minutes workout. The workout start with jumping-jacks, so you know it’s time to work. Anna is great at giving the best cures while you working. So you aren’t standing still for a second (except for when you are allowed a little rest).

What to expect

About a minute and a half in, you have already done some jumping jacks, squats, planks and push-ups. Modifications are given before the harder exercises start, so it’s a great one for all fitness levels. If you don’t want to/can’t jump, you just follow along with these modifications.

My view

Don’t be fooled by the pastel colored activewear and mat and the happy music. This is a tough workout! If you are on an intermediate or even advanced level, work along the two instructors that take the hardest options. If you are a beginner, watch the trainer on the left for the modifications.

I love this workout because it makes a great class available for all levels, something that POPUGAR is just really good at. Besides that, trainer Anna Victoria offers lots of advice during the workout. How to focus on your breathing or how you can really get the most out of the workout. She also tells you where you should feel the exercise work in your body, so you can feel if you are doing it right.

It is a high intensity workout, getting everything out of it that you can, but it’s not about speed. Although tere is some jumping, it’s not about going fast.

+ 30 minutes
+ Bodyweight workout
+ Including warmup and cool down
+ No equipment (just a mat)
+ Female trainer
+ Follow along
+ With music
+ All fitness levels


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