This prenatal bodyweight TABATA workout by BodyFit by Amy is a safe way to get your heart rate up and have a little sweat session at home. Trainer Amy has been pregnant herself, so she knows what feels good and what doesn’t. Her moves are all safe to do and the gives plenty of modifications which makes this workouts suitable for all trimesters.

Still, it is always a good idea to talk with your physician, before you start working out during your pregnancy. Especially if you don’t work with a trainer but follow along with video’s like this. I say that because, although these exercises are generally safe, when you have some issues (with your pelvic floor for example) there are some moves that you just really don’t want to do. So check-in first and make sure that it is right for your body.

+ 30 minutes
+ Prenatal TABATA
+ Bodyweight
+ No equipment
+ All fitness levels
+ All trimesters
+ Female trainer
+ Follow along
+ With music

– Please check in with your physician before you start working out at home with these video’s. Just to be safe!
– If you have pelvic floor issues, please be sure to set your feet now wider than hip-with apart and don’t jump (no high-impact).

Disclaimer: I have been working as a pregnancy and postpartum fitness trainer for 5 years and I approve this workout. If there is anything that I would change about a video I probably wouldn’t post it or I would tell you about it in the text above.
Nevertheless it is very important to always listen to your body: does this workout feel right? Or am I doing too much? Then please stop. It is always the right choice to talk about working out during your pregnancy and after delivery with your physician. Especially when you don’t work with a trainer 1-1.

Be safe!


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