Would you like to gain more flexibility? Then you need to invest some time by doing workouts like these. Stretching is important and beneficial to your body. It will help you feel a lot better in general and help prevent (workout) injuries.

This workout by MadFit is also part of my ‘6 week strength and mobility plan’. This program is created to fit all fitness levels and will help increase your mobility, flexibility and muscular strength. Click here to find out more.

What to expect:

With this 30 minute stretch routine you can follow along with MadFit doing exercises like shoulder rolls, neck rolls, hamstring stretches, hip stretches, stretches for your back and some yoga-inspired positions like childs pose.

The hips and hamstrings are the main focus of this workout, areas that most people feel pretty tight.

My view:

I am a big fan of everything that has to do with flexibility and mobility, it can feel life changing once you add exercises like these in to your daily + weekly routine. This video is just one of those you should really keep on standby. It is definitely a good one for beginners but it is a great 30 minutes spent for everyone.

+ 30 minutes
+ Flexibility routine
+ Female trainer
+ Stretching, flexibility and mobility
+ No equipment
+ For beginners
+ With music


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