Oh yes you will have fun with this one!

I do want to warn you: it might be easy to take it a bit too far during this workout, because the energy of this instructor can get you excited. So please mind the given modification and work alongside the instructor on the left, if you are a beginner or just not sure if your body is ready for the 100% version!

What to expect: So, this is a TABATA workout. This means you will work for 20 seconds and have a brief rest of 10 seconds between every exercise (interval). This is a very high intensity form of working out. You will get a lot done (and get very sweaty) in just a short amount of time. Burpees, squat jumps, push-ups: it’s all in there. But it’s just for 20 seconds! We can do anything for 20 seconds!

My view: A fun way to enjoy a cardio workout for everyone, but please take the modifications if you need to.

+ 30 minutes
+ Male trainer
+ High intensity
+ High impact
+ With music
+ Follow along
+ No equipment
+ All fitness levels but only with modifications
+ With a warmup and cool down


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