I love a good extended warmup! And I love this workout.

What to expect

This workout by Growingannanas is amazing. Slow and controlled movements are targeting all of the muscles in your upper body (with special attention to shoulders, biceps, triceps). The finisher is a great ‘challenge’ where you have to keep pushing by doing as many push-ups as you can do before the time is up. Because why not? (I have to admit I was feeling very small at this point)

My view

This is a great workout to work on your arms. The warmup is amazing, there are no repeats and you really get to take your time with each exercise. It is a no-talking workout so you have to keep an eye on your own form. This is why, even though technically you can do this workout with very light weights or even water bottles, I would not recommend this for the ultimate beginner.

There is no cool down with this workout, so please take some time to stretch on your own or find a cool down video here.

+ 30 minutes
+ upper body workout
+ with dumbells
+ intermediate/advanced
+ female trainer
+ no talking
+ with music
+ with previews
+ with timer
+ including warmup
+ no cool down


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