Lottie Murphy calls this the “Ultimate Pilates workout” for a reason. It’s got everything. From the basic exercises to more hard-core moves. I love it.

This workout by Lottie Murphy is also part of my ‘6 week strength and mobility plan’. This program is created to fit all fitness levels and will help increase your mobility, flexibility and muscular strength. Click here to find out more.

What to expect

During these 30 minutes you’ll be focussing on your abs, glutes, back and waist with some pretty tough moves. Lottie talks you through all of them very carefully. She helps you remember your posture, form and breathing through the whole exercises.

My view

You’ll be toning and lengthening from head to toe and exercises like ‘hundreds’ will not be left out. Don’t forget to breathe through the movement, especially when it gets a bit harder!

This workout is great for the more intermediate Pilates fans. And you will be challenged!

+ 30 minutes
+ Pilates
+ Intermediate/advanced
+ Full body
+ No equipment
+ Female trainer
+ No music


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