Getting into working out for the first time or for the first time after an injury or giving birth for example, it can be a bit daunting. Workouts like these make it easier for you to get started. This is also a great way to get your heart rate up, break a sweat, burn calories and get that post workout feeling without having to jump or take any risks.

What to expect: during these 35 minutes you will mostly be taking many many steps. 3 kilometers worth of them! But you will also be doing some leg curls, knee drives, kicks, side taps, step punches.. Let’s just say you won’t be stepping in place for 35 minutes.

My view: the only thing that you should really focus on during this workout is to keep moving! It can get a bit difficult to move your arms and legs at the same time, but don’t worry. As long as you don’t stand stil, you can’t do anything wrong.

+ 35 minutes
+ low impact/no jumping
+ cardio
+ follow along
+ with music
+ with a timer
+ female trainer
+ (ultimate) beginner


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