If you’re a beginner but have been working hard at getting fit, this might be a great workout for you to she where you are at. Interval is a great way to challenge your body and stamina and check-in with yourself.

My view: I love this one especially because it is low impact. So don’t shy away from this challenge, it is completely safe if you are recovering from an injury, just had a baby (please wait at least 6 weeks before returning to working out) or if you have just started your fitness journey.

What to expect: NO jumping jacks, NO burpees, NO floor exercises. Still: a challenge, a full body workout and lots of sweat.

This is not an Ultimate Beginner workout but if you are a beginner and you are starting to feel good about what you can handle, you should try this one. The moves aren’t complicated and there is no high impact involved. It is high intensity though, but still very easy on the knees, pelvic floor and your neighbors.

+ 35 minutes
+ male trainer
+ follow along
+ low impact/no jump
+ no equipment
+ with a timer
+ with music
+ beginner to lower intermediate


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