This no equipment bodyweight strength and HIIT class by Betina Gozo is a great home-friendly workout for all fitness levels. It’s a pretty tough class, so the more intermediates and advanced amongst you will have your work cut out for you, but the modifications that Betina gives, makes it accessible for everyone. Although, if you are not jet regularly working out, I would not advice starting with this one.

What to expect

A great warmup is followed by some core work, then up tempo body weight strength, a HIIT block and then something Betina is famous for: a killer finisher. Then she wraps it all up with a nice cool down.

My view

This guided follow along workout is great. Betina is great. And during this pandemic, Nike has been amazing! I am so happy that these NTC community workouts are available for all of us right now. It’s a great way to get access to the best trainer in the world. While staying safely at home!

+ 35 minutes
+ bodyweight strength and HIIT
+ Female trainer
+ Follow along
+ No equipment
+ High intensity
+ Intermediate & Advanced
+ With warmup and cool down


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