Basic exercises, four rounds: pure fire!

What to expect

This workout is setup like his: You’ll be doing 7 exercises (using just dumbells), which you will repeating for a total of four rounds. The workout is done when you have completed the ab finisher at the end. It’s a tough workout, but it is easy to follow. Just do what Joe does and you’ll be fine.

My view

I love the relatability that Joe (a.k.a. The Body Coach) puts into every workout. He won’t pretend that it’s easy, but he is with you all the way. Whatever your current level, you’ll be able to follow along with this workout. Just adjust your weights. Go lighter if you are just staring out, go heavier if you want more of a challenge.

Always make sure you are challenged by your weight, but you are able to keep good form during the full exercise.

+ 35 minutes
+ full body
+ with dumbells + a mat
+ male trainer
+ with timer
+ no music
+ all fitness levels
+ no warmup or cool down

This workout is part of my build muscle workout plan for men: an 8 week home workout program that I have created with YouTube video’s, specifically designed for men to increase strength and muscle mass. If you want to know more about this plan, just click here.


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