This 35-minute practice is perfect for beginners or people that haven’t done yoga for a long time and want to get ‘back into their groove’, as Adriene puts it.

What to expect: This practice will help you check-in with your body, your breathing and to be ‘present on your mat’.

My view: if your workout goal today is to break a sweat or work on your strength, a different video might be a better choice (like this video: yoga for your core and booty). But if you want to feel calmer, more present, more relaxed? Then by all means, press play on this video!

This yoga workout is best done with a yoga pillow but you can also use a rolled-up blanket or thick towel.

+ 35 minutes
+ Female trainer
+ Yoga
+ Beginner level
+ The use of a towel, blanket or yoga cushion is advised.
+ Relaxing
+ Holistic
+ Follow along


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