This woman (@betinagozo) is just so wonderfully sweet, happy end energetic, that she almost makes you forget in how much pain you are during her workouts.

Usually she is team #legday but in this 40 minute video you can do a full body workout with her. And please do! You won’t regret it.

This is a goood one! You will get your heart racing and your muscles burning. A true full body powerhouse. I love all Nike community workouts! Check out this 50 minute full body by Kirsty Godso or this 45 minute full body cardio and strength by Jamal Liggin if you’ve loved this one by Betina.

Nike started these workouts when most parts of the world were in or headed for a lockdown. And we should love them for it. Having these video’s to turn to, almost makes you forget about the gym! So get your mat and get ready. Really, you won’t be sorry! Just very very sore. 😅

+ 40 minutes
+ Full body strength
+ No equipment (just a mat)
+ Follow along
+ Female trainer
+ Intermediate & Advanced

– With modifications this is a workout for all fitness levels, but it will be hard work!


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