A great upper body workout that combines all the go-to exercises with some great cardio and kickboxing moves.

What to expect

You will be doing all the well known no–equipment upper body exercises (pushups and tricep dips, arm circles and plank variations) are combined with hooks and jumping jacks. There are also many exercises in this video that I had never done before, or never done in this way. Moving in different directions, squeezing your muscles together and working against your own weight. Loved it.

My view

So I am kind of falling in love with FitnessBlender. When looking for more Kickboxing workouts review I was getting a bit overstimulated. There was so much music, groups of people jumping up and down together and yes, even some screaming. FitnessBlender videos are always so calm and collected. Although I love the intensity and entousiasm of most trainers, it can be really great to follow along with a video like this one now and again.

This is another no-nonsense workout video by FitnessBlender that will for sure help you to get stronger. You don’t need any equipment, but some wall space is required.

+ 35 minutes
+ upper body
+ with cardio kickboxing
+ no equipment
+ female trainer
+ with warmup and cool down
+ low impact modifications
+ with timer
+ with music


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