Oh my gosh, you will benefit from this workout so much!

This workout is part of my ‘6 week strength and mobility plan’. This program is created to fit all fitness levels and will help increase your mobility, flexibility and muscular strength. Click here to find out more.

What to expect

After a little intro it is time to get loose! Shona uses a yoga block for the first exercise. Then its time for some yoga poses that you might be familiar with, to really open up your body. This video mostly focusses on the lower body (hamstrings, hips).

I have never moved my butt in so many directions in a downward dog, I can tell you. After that it is time for some moves I know from Pilates, that will definitely wake up your glutes. At the end of the video you’ll have moved your whole body, with the most focus on your lower body, and will feel very satisfied!

My view

This is a great routine to help you work on your flexibility and mobility. Which is great for your workouts (you’ll get more flexible, your range of motion will increase) but also during your everyday life. I advise adding workouts like these as a part of your daily or weekly workout routine.

Do keep in mind the little disclaimer that Shona always adds to her videos: “respect your pain and don’t push beyond it. If you’re finding anything ‘painful’ please seek help from a physician.”

+ 35 minutes
+ Yoga and Mobility
+ Flexibility and Stability exercises
+ Lower body
+ 1 yoga block
+ Female trainer
+ With music
+ All fitness levels but might be a bit hard for beginners


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